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To prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in 2020, most of the trade fairs, exhibitions and seminars that allow the showing of products and services directly to customers were cancelled. Sales activities were also limited, and the opportunities to meet with customers were reduced. To respond to this new normal, a web exhibition was established to provide important information to customers.

Web Exhibition Content

Unlike a regular website, the purpose of a web exhibition is to highlight products and services to customers. It is also needed to provide explanations via the web exhibition that would normally be provided to customers in person. Therefore, the DIAEDGE web exhibition was created to be a virtual booth to show products as if viewers were actually visiting an exhibition. This not only helps customers find specific products easily, but also attracts customers who just drop by with nothing specific in mind.

It includes videos of machining using actual products in addition to simple explanations to allow customers to learn about the characteristics of products both visually and aurally. In addition, it allows customers to browse and download photos, 3DCG and catalogue PDF files for more further information about the products and services. The 3DCG in particular is a new approach that allows customers to choose different angles to see products. It is believed that this new approach will help compensate for customers not being able to touch the actual products.

The exhibition section was classified by industry to make it easier for visitors to find specific tools suitable for individual machining environments. Because there are too many new products to fit in the new product section, the overflow is shown in the exhibition section.

In the healthcare industry section, machining solution videos using our new products and programs created with ESPRIT CAM software, based on machine data provided by Citizen Machinery Co., Ltd. are available for viewing.

In the solutions exhibition section, new approaches to remote machining testing that have high growth potential as a means of reducing risk of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen. Also offered are two online seminar programs, “Machining of Hard-to-cut Materials: State and Issues” by Professor Matsumura of Tokyo Denki University and “R&D Structure for Providing Solutions” by Mr. Ohashi, General Manager of Research & Development Division, Mitsubishi Materials. By registering, there is no limit on the number of times it will be possible to view these seminars.

The 360-degree VR Plant Visit is a completely new approach. The 360-degree virtual tour of the Tsukuba Plant and Central Japan Technical Center allows viewers to feel as if they are actually walking inside the building. This lets viewers see in all directions while watching the video. Detailed explanations are provided in a separate video made for those interested in more detailed information.

Web Exhibition Content

Delivering Up-to-Date Information Faster

New product information is traditionally provided to customers through sales routes and mail magazines. With the hope of providing even more timely and up-todate information to all customers, it is now planned to use the web exhibition as a new approach to highlighting Mitsubishi Materials. Through this new approach, it is expected to increase interest and knowledge of products and give students interested in careers with Mitsubishi a better idea of what is involved.

Future Vision

The primary purpose of the web exhibition is to provide information on new products. It may be that this way of communicating with customers may be too one-way, so analysis of website access information to develop a structure that allows customers to find information about machining solutions and recommended products.