Being the Best Partner for Our Customers’ Success

Being the Best Partner for Our Customers’ Success

Thank you for reading the fifth issue of Your Global Craftsman Studio.

Technical innovation has advanced rapidly in areas across the economy and the aerospace industry featured in this issue is no exception. Keeping pace with innovation requires tool manufacturers to establish machining technologies for new materials such as aluminium-lithium alloys and ceramic matrix composites (CMC).

Responding to requests from customers that use cutting-edge materials requires that we anticipate their needs and prioritize the commercialization of products that not only meet, but exceed them. Looking beyond the limits of products and services to realize ideal products and services to satisfy customer needs, leads to the creation of phenomena beyond our imagination. Therefore, tool manufacturers must select their targets and concentrate on development that effectively serves the specialized fields handled by customers. Mitsubishi Materials has reinforced its approaches to each of the industries it serves, and the Aerospace Department featured in this issue is an outstanding example.

Becoming a real business partner for individual customers means sharing a deeper mutual understanding and product realization through face-to-face interactions. To ensure this close contact, we have established five technical centres worldwide to provide detailed technical support to our customers. We have also added the Central Japan Technical Center, in Gifu, Japan, to this support network. The establishment of this centre enables us to provide broader services to western Japan as well as the aerospace and automobile industries located in central Japan; and we are committed to further expanding and improving our network of technical centres to ensure global coverage.

In May 2017, we introduced DIAEDGE, a new brand based on the desire to provide even more attractive corporate value to our customers in the cemented carbide business. We are committed to the continuing development of high-quality products like “DIA” and “EDGY” to provide sophisticated performance that embodies our excitement and enthusiasm for excellence. We are confident that "Your Global Craftsman Studio" will continue to serve as an innovative environment in which we can work closely together to further improve this new product line as one of the world’s top cemented carbide brands.

Mitsubishi Materials continues leveraging the unified efforts of employees throughout the company to ensure the speedy provision of services that provide effective solutions to customers. The mission is to provide the best technology, products and human resources to support the success of customers.

Shinichi Nakamura

Executive Officer,
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
Vice President,
Advanced Materials & Tools Company