Tool manufacturers strive to scale a tall mountain towering before us, this metaphorical mountain is made of ever evolving new materials. Lighter and stronger materials are constantly evolving and are used in ever broader applications. Aerospace frames and engines are examples where the most advanced materials can be found. It is our mission to cooperate with customers in the aerospace industry as we aim to reach the peak of this extremely challenging mountain that stands before us, the pinnacle of new machining technology. This requires that we have the willpower, strength and the ability to make quick and accurate judgments and take effective action to overcome the obstacles we face along the way. This also means having the necessary resources such as products, machining technology and the manufacturing capability, while sufficient strength means providing funding and human resources. After we have all these things in place, we can plan our route. It is then and only then that both manufacturer and customer can embark on the challenging climb toward the summit.

I am confident that Mitsubishi Materials Craftsman Studio will continue to be a place to transit knowledge, take temporary shelter and share the joy of having reached the summit.

Fumio Tsurumaki

Managing Executive Officer,
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
President, Advanced Materials & Tools Company