Few really understand the relationship between tools and medical care. When I had my first orientation session after joining Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and was assigned to the carbide tools department, the presenter showed us a picture of a fruit knife being used to peel an apple. The presenter told us that the apple in the picture represented material to be cut and the knife represented a cutting tool. In medical care, the material to be cut is the human body, and the tool is a scalpel. In fact, tools in the medical industry are applied to a wide range of purposes, such as the manufacture of medical equipment, the processing of therapeutic implant parts and the production of instruments used during medical procedures.

A few years ago, my mother-in-law had trouble with her hip. When the doctor explained that surgery would involve a small plate fixed in place with titanium screws, I wondered if the parts were made by us or our competitors. I am very proud that the parts we produce play a role in the treatment of illness and injury and the reduction of pain to make patients’ lives more comfortable. Of course, I feel sorry for these patients, but I’m very excited about being able to help them through my work as a manufacturer of the tools and parts used in healthcare. The mission of the Global Craftsman Studio is to respond to progress in medical care by continuing to provide the best solutions and services.

Fumio Tsurumaki

Managing Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
President of Advanced Materials & Tools Company