Welcome to the exciting world of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation!

Welcome to the exciting world of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation!

Following our featured focus on the air (aircraft industry: Vol. 1) and the ground (automobile industry: Vol.2), we turn our attention to people (medical industry). Aircraft and automobiles have contributed to the increased speed and flexibility of transportation to significantly improve our lives. The medical industry has undergone significant progress. Although the medical industry was previously thought not to present significant opportunities for tool manufacturers, the contribution of our tools to the industry has increased due to continuing progress in medical technology and equipment along with the development and commercialization of new materials for medical use. As industry professionals, we place a priority on providing new solutions to customers. In this feature, we will take a look at some of our approaches to the medical industry.

Behind the progress seen in the above-mentioned areas, a wide range of advances has been seen in innovative technology, product development that applies such innovative technology and technological development that allows mass production with a reliable level of quality. The origin of our tools can be traced back to ancient Egypt where machining got its start. Since then, technology has advanced through the development and improvement of tool forms and materials, machining tools and processing technology. Commercialized some 90 years ago in 1926, cemented carbide has dramatically improved metal cutting processes. It is still being improved and development of new materials intended for use in medical care actively continues. Let's take a look at the history and development of these advances.

Since the last half of 2015, we have had greater opportunities to talk about our approaches to the development of tools during technical exchanges and seminars with our customers. On these occasions we are able to fully explain our development policy and future plans, but while we provide information on products currently under development, it is information we do not usually share outside the company. We use these occasions to share our most up-todate technical information on product development as well as our excitement about establishing relations with our customers that allow us to serve them better. We are committed to continuing to improve communication with our customers through the sharing of information. We are always eager to listen to customer comments and requests as an important means of facilitating the development and commercialization of unique products, the world’s leading technology, as well as solutions and services for individual customers. We strive to achieve breakthrough solutions and realise them with our customers.

We continue to prioritize the Global Craftsman Studio for our customers. Please look forward to future changes and achievements.

Akira Osada, Doctor of Engineering
General Manager, Research & Development Division