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Advanced technical services in the industrial heart of Thailand


Thailand Engineering Center Centre of Technical Support in Southeast Asia

For the automotive and other industries that are looking to expand their facilities and build plants overseas, Thailand is a popular choice. This article introduces the Thailand Engineering Center that was established to provide speedy, high-quality technical services.

Advanced services in the industrial heart of Thailand

An interview with Takayoshi Saito MMC Hardmetal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Technical Director / GM Engineering Center

Mitsubishi Materials Advanced Materials & Tools Company promotes the localization of technical services to provide prompt support to customers throughout the world. Therefore in early 2014, the Thailand Engineering Center was planned. When opened, it was to be available as a source of technical solutions to customers in countries throughout the neighboring Oceania region.
After roughly a year of intense preparation to ensure the strongest and most reliable services possible, the official opening came in January 2015. The Center now provides diverse services ranging from standard machining tests through to workshops on machining technologies, product workshops and studies related to machining, plus other surveys and reports. The Center is located in the Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, considered as the geographical hub of the Thai automotive industry. It is the largest industrial estate in Thailand and is open to all customers, both large and small. This location is advantageous because customers can call in at any time to consult about technical matters and in turn allows us to provide speedy support. Today, a year after commencing operations, we already provide technical support to approximately 84 companies.

Comprehensive support to customers as their partner by offering learning programs and other diverse solutions

We offer learning programs on machining technologies in both English and Thai languages. Through regular courses and new product demonstrations we actively provide information that lets customers gain an understanding of our products and enables them to utilize the product's features to the fullest. There is extremely strong demand for such learning and there have been cases where our customers have incorporated our machining technology programs into their own in-house training.
With continued focus on providing high quality technical services at the same standard as found in Japan, we aim for further growth and cooperation as an engineering centre that our customers can always rely on.

An employee’s view: I wish to provide close support to our customers’ production sites

My name is Napatpol Artharamas, my nick name is Phyte. I studied Electronics and Communications Engineering in Thammasart University after which I joined MMC Hardmetal (Thailand) in May 2014. I spent 6 weeks training based around the Tooling Technology packages 1 and 2, then I had the chance to spend 7 weeks of study and hands on training at the Omiya Technical Center, Japan. Whilst there, I learnt several new skills and had many new experiences. On reflection, it was the most influential period of my career so far.
When I arrived back in Thailand I was transferred to Amata Nakorn, where the construction of MTEC had already been started. Amata Nakorn is one of Thailand's largest Industrial Estates and is an excellent location in which to establish the MTEC Technical Center.
I helped set up the equipment and facilities along with other colleagues by using the knowledge I gained during my time in Japan. After MTEC was officially opened I was given a number of roles to carry out. I was given responsibility as the main operator for the CNC lathe and also as a sub-operator for the machining centre. I conduct seminars, training and machining demonstrations when MTEC has visitors from Thailand or abroad.
Another important role I am involved with is to assist our local Thai sales staff in areas such as troubleshooting as well as carrying out machining tests and writing of technical reports.
Even though I have only been a member of the technical team for a short time, the experiences I have everyday help me to continuously improve my knowledge and understanding of metal cutting processes. I do believe that we as a team, will develop and look forward to furthering and deepening our relationship with other global technical centres, ensuring that we offer current and potential customers a higher standard of services and solutions.

Napatpol Artharamas MMC Hardmetal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Technical Engineer

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