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Centralising the Knowledge and Technology of Mitsubishi Materials Technology centre in Japan

Centralising the Knowledge and Technology of Mitsubishi Materials Technology centre in Japan

Making full use of Mitsubishi Materials’ experience and technology!

Machining Technology Center

The Machining Technology Center was established in April 2010 in Saitama, Japan, as a base for the development and provision of solutions from Mitsubishi Materials.

Improving customer services

The Machining Technology Center was envisioned to meet the need for comprehensive product solutions that would reflect on the extensive experience and skill accumulated by Mitsubishi Materials, enabling us to improve customer services.The planning started in 2008 and after two years of careful preparation the Center opened in April 2010. The extensive repertoire of solutions now provided by the Center includes unique machining programs that incorporate cutting tests and advanced CAM tool paths, direct telephone consultations, on-site presentations and a full range of technical services. Each month the Center receives close to 2,000 calls from customers seeking consultation, while Center staff call on approximately 230 clients to provide routine technical services. The Center's wide variety of human resources share a passion for development, production technology and marketing, while actively spreading the wealth of knowledge and advanced technology throughout the Company.The practice of Open Innovation through collaboration with universities, research institutions, machine tool manufactures and other external entities allows continuous improvement in the ability to develop solutions and make proposals that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. All this helps to provide an excellent level of service that matches industry expectations.

Delivering leading edge knowledge and technology

The Machining Technology Center is planning to double the amount of machining centres and combined processing machinery by the end of 2016. Additionally, the development of new tools and machining strategies is also a key part of what the centre aims to achieve. In charge of this project is the new tool development team. Established in April 2015 the team is tasked with driving the development of tools and technology that will excite the market. In addition to the Machining Technology Center in Japan and technical centres in the US, Spain, China and Thailand, there are also plans for centres in Germany, India and South America. With the Machining Technology Center in Japan as a base, the idea is to enhance collaboration with technical centres in other countries to facilitate the provision of leading-edge services to customers. An example of the outstanding service, a system is in planning whereby a customer in the US can ask the technical centre in the US for a cutting test, this can be handled by the technical centre in China overnight and deliver the results to the customer the next morning. As we strive to improve our knowledge and technology, the ultimate goal is to identify and address the needs of customers with leading-edge solutions.

Providing technological support

"When I first joined the company, I worked in sales and marketing for eight years before arriving at the Machining Technology Center in 2011. I am currently on the Cutting Test Team. This team requires a broad range of knowledge and skills, not only in machine operations, but also in machine programming. Initially there was a steep learning curve to overcome but I believe it allowed me to handle a broader range of work. What I always keep first and foremost in mind though, is the need to work from the customer’s perspective. When customers ask us for cutting tests, they are obviously looking for improvements such as shortening of cycle times, improvements in precision and longer tool life. I also place a priority on completing each test quickly and accurately, submitting results on the day required. In addition to this there is also the need to accommodate the requests of the sales and marketing departments and contribute to the smoothness of overall business operations. I will continue to work on improving the skill and reliability of the Machining Technology Center for both customers and on-site staff. Our priority is based on providing outstanding services that satisfy customers’ needs, and we are always looking ahead for future proof solutions."

A wide variety of solutions provided by the constantly evolving Machining Technology Center

1 Providing cutting tests, machining program proposals and other machining solutions.

2 Improvement of telephone consultation, technical trainings and other customer services.

3 Provision of easy to understand product information through seminars.

Technical centres established across the globe