A closer presence with our customers

A closer presence with our customers

"We wish to invite everyone to the exciting world of Mitsubishi Materials." It is with this thought that we launched this information magazine.
Adhering to our corporate philosophy to contribute to "people, society and the Earth," we are committed to helping our customers achieve smooth operations, increase their productivity and create new processing technologies. This is our mission as a tool manufacturer. To fulfill this distinct mission, we realize our role is to provide the best solutions and services in response to the needs of each of our customers, not simply as a tool manufacturer but as a "comprehensive craftsman studio" that our customers can feel close to. We hope to make Your Global Craftsman Studio an information magazine that will bring you closer to us. Its pages are filled with exciting news, the latest happenings of the present, unique technologies that are a fusion of many years of experience, the thoughts that our developers pour into new products and interesting information from around the world. It is not simply a product information pamphlet, but an embodiment of our spirit, brimming with themes and communication resources that delivers interest for everyone.
Generally, the main objective of publications is to unilaterally convey the thoughts of the publisher. In this sense, this magazine is like all publications, in that it is published with the hopes that each paragraph, each line could be of direct use for your activities. However, it goes without saying that excitement comes in many forms and in a wide variety and differs from customer to customer. Therefore, even if the content of this magazine does not directly relate to you now, we would be most happy if you would note the types of initiatives we engage in, so that when some form of challenge arises, it crosses your mind to inquire how we can help.
We at Mitsubishi Materials stand ready to respond to your needs with our comprehensive strength and full-heartedly provide the best solutions and services. This magazine has just begun, so please look forward to the exciting and interesting content that we will provide in this and future editions.

Fumio Tsurumaki


Advanced Materials & Tools Company

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

加工事業カンパニー プレジデント

鶴巻 二三男